I found employment opportunities with great companies that are helping build my career. Lehigh Technical is helping find me the jobs I need to build on experience and skills that will help me today and in the future. That works for me.

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About Lehigh Technical

Lehigh Technical, a national provider of skilled Engineering, Information Technology, Professional, and Accounting & Finance staffing agency based in Hauppauge, NY. Lehigh Technical and affiliates are a leading provider of Staffing Services and HR Solutions, with more than 100 offices throughout the United States.

Throughout our branch network, we offer our clients and employees services ranging from Contract Staffing, Direct Hire, HR Outsourcing, Managed Services, and much more. Lehigh's mission is to develop long-term working relationships with outstanding professionals and forward-thinking clients based upon performance and trust.

Workforce Strategies that Work

We have decades of experience working with HR and Procurement Departments to identify workforce strategies that, well, just work. From contingent labor to recruitment process outsourcing, we have the knowledge and reach to help your department excel.

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Don't let finding the right people get in the way of growing your business. We help companies like yours find people with the right talent and drive that match the passion and vision you bring to your business everyday.

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With more than 100 offices throughout the United States, Lehigh Technical is one of the top national employment agencies for staffing and HR solutions.

At Lehigh Technical we know that all employment is local. That's why we've grown strategically around concentrated geographies. It's one of the reasons that, as one of the nation's leading staffing agencies, we're able to offer superior service to both our clients and the people we employ. A long term-commitment to an area through thick and through thin means that we know the people, trends, and dynamics.

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