3 Pain Points of Staffing (And Their Solutions)



Lehigh Technical consistently ranks as one of the top staffing companies in the nation. Our client and talent satisfaction scores outpace industry standards by a factor of 10. Part of the secret to our success is in helping customers meet challenges and pain points. Here are three of the most important staffing pain points we answer:

1.) Understanding Customer Needs

We listen to our customers needs and understand what an assignment requires. Too often this step is overlooked or minimized leading to candidates that simply don’t fit the need of the assignment.

“I have worked with Lehigh Technical for many

years. They always ask the right questions and

supply us with good candidates that they have

screened to meet our expectations. They work

hard to find the right people for the job, quickly.”

     — Randy Godden

         Production Manager, AMETEK, Inc.

2.) Responsive

It sounds basic, but our clients value rapid response and an ability to quickly asses a situation and provide a solution. A big pain-point for many customer is working with partners that simply don’t respond to needs quickly and efficiently.

“Working with Lehigh Technical is easy. Their staff

understands our job requirements and

are always willing to help in any matter

that arises.”

— George Campoamor

    Supervisor, Derby Industries LLC

3.) The Right Workers, Right Away

Speed is definitely a pain point for many of our customers. But it always comes with the caveat that an assignment needs to be filled with a candidate that is qualified and ready for the job.

“Lehigh Technical sources excellent

candidates. Our experience has been

very positive, and we’ve had candidates

ready and prepared in a timely manner.”

— Zachary Atkinson

    Operations Manager, STERIS Corporation

Understanding our customer pain-points is only the first step to smart staffing. The next is responding to those points throughout the partnership to ensure assignments are filled with qualified workers and issues are responded to rapidly.

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