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Dealing With Different Interviewers' Personalities

Job interviews tend to be structured, but what many workers don’t realize is the personality of the interviewer can have a major impact on their interviewing style. This may sound intimidating, but there are ways you can ace an interview with even the most demanding recruiter. Before heading to your next interview, take a look at three of the most common interviewer personality types below.

The Unprepared Interviewer

Inexperienced or unprepared interviewers can make a bad day even worse. You’ve spent all night practicing your responses, and you’ve dressed up in your best business attire, only to encounter an interviewer who doesn’t take interviews seriously. An easy way to deal with this type of interviewer is to answer the questions to the best of your ability. If the interviewer is really unprepared or unprofessional, you may want to consider working for another company.  

The Cold Interrogator

The cold interrogator can be hard to please, and they are often intimidating. These are by-the-book individuals, and they could care less about your favorite movies or the weather; they simply want to hire the best candidate. Interrogators tend to fire off a rapid succession of questions, and they may do so to see if you can maintain your composure under pressure (a highly desired, yet rare professional trait). Remain calm and professional, and answer the questions deliberately. Usually, this type of interviewer actually wants you to slow down and think about your answers, although their interview style may not allude to it.  

The Friendly Interviewer

The “friendly” or “casual” interviewer seems to be more of a buddy than an interviewer. This type of person may be professional and interested in filling the open position, but, they often converse about topics that are not related to the job first. Due to their extroverted nature, they are probably more interested in your personality type than your job experience, so you will want to maintain a professional, yet friendly demeanor. Feel free to answer their questions, as long as they are legal.  

The Key to Acing Your Interview

The overall key to dealing with these types of interviewers is to remain poised, professional and confident at all times. Ultimately, they will all be looking for the same thing – qualified candidates who can get the job done. If you haven’t been called into many interviews lately, you may want to consider contacting Lehigh Technicals. We are a premier staffing agency, and we always do our best to match workers with jobs that fit their skill set. Get in touch with our agency to discuss open job opportunities.  

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