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Have You Googled Yourself?

Google is a great resource, and it seems as if it can help you find information about virtually anything. This immediate access to information is a great thing for our society, as well as the companies within our society. If you recently applied for a job, more than likely, you will be Googled by a manager at some point. If you are worried about the information they will find, keep the following points in mind.

Social Media Accounts

In today’s society, it is believed that between 50 and 60 percent of employers conduct drug testing. This is generally nothing to worry about, but in today’s social media-crazed society, posting pictures of yourself consuming copious amounts of alcohol or smoking can work against you, especially if you are looking for a job. If your social media profiles are public or your pictures are available, please avoid posting these sorts of pictures. You should also avoid posting pictures that are overtly sexual or inappropriate in any way.  

Criminal Records

If you have a history of criminal offenses, a Google search can certainly reveal them. States often make criminal records public, and anyone with access to a computer, the internet and your name can look up your criminal record. Lying on your job application about your criminal background won’t get you hired, so it is best to be honest from the start if you have been arrested or incarcerated.  

Personal Blogs and Websites

If you have a blog or personal website, be careful about what you post during your job search. When your employer types in your name, more than likely, your site or blog will come up. If you have any inappropriate pictures or offensive material on your site, remove it before your potential employer sees it.  

Know Your Rights

As an employee looking for work, you are protected from inappropriately nosy bosses. If an interviewer or manager does any of the following, they are more than likely breaking the law:  

• Demand the passwords to your social media accounts.  

• Perform a background check of any type without your permission.

• Ask for military, health or academic records without your permission.

The actions above are not legal, but you should remember that it is legal to look at anything you post in the public arena.

Let Us Find the Right Employer for You

If you need help finding the right employer, contact Lehigh Technicals. We can help you find a temporary position that fits your skill set perfectly. Reach out to one of our staffing professionals to learn more today.  

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