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How to Bounce Back From a Nasty Interviewer

Let’s face it – regaining your footing after an unpleasant job interview can be difficult. Searching for a new job is hard, and to make matters worse, every interviewer you encounter won’t be nice or sympathetic to your plight. If you have had the displeasure of interacting with a nasty interviewer, here are some ways to bounce back and remain positive about your job search.

Pause and Think

If an interviewer is firing off questions and refusing to give you an adequate amount of time to answer, you will need to find time to collect yourself mentally. In addition to contemplating the answer, you may want to ask yourself if you really want to continue with the interview or work for a company that hires such aggressive managers or recruiters. If you don’t feel comfortable with the interviewer, don’t be afraid to abruptly end the interview by saying “Thank you for your time, but I don’t think I will be a good fit for this job.” 

It’s Really Not Your Problem

Understand the interviewer’s nasty attitude is not your problem. Avoid taking responsibility for the actions of another adult, and realize the following facts:  

• The interviewer could have been experiencing personal or professional problems.  

• The company may promote individuals who exhibit such unpleasant behavior.

• The interviewer was more than likely already in a bad mood before you arrived.

• As long as you remained calm and professional, you did your best.

After your interview, it would be wise to do something to reduce your stress level. Try taking a walk, meditating or spending time with a loved one to get your mind off the negative experience. Most interviewers understand the importance of making candidates feel comfortable, and if you encounter a single bad interviewer, it would be wise not to get discouraged.

Are You Seeking Temporary Work?

Here at Lehigh Technical, we know how difficult the interview process can be. That is why we try our hardest to quickly match qualified workers with a company that will value their unique set of skills and abilities. Contact us today if you are actively seeking temporary work.  

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