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Sharpen Your Game- Tips for All Employees in the Workplace

Just like a snowball rolling down a hill, since the country has moved into a tighter economic situation, our job market has tightened up too. The major impact might hit you in the value your employer places on your performance and suitability for the position you hold within the company. To be a good player on a work team, the same as a good player on a sports team, a little coaching can bring a new awareness and sharpen our game. In this tight market we all need to be sharp and professional in all aspects of our employment life. Some things you can do to sharpen your game are:

FIRST, LOOK PROFESSIONAL-- Self-respect is the name of the game. Good grooming is a sign that you respect yourself and you care about how other people feel about you. Be clean and neat and strive to make a good first impression. Pay attention to how people react to you. It seems when you look sharp and professional, you are treated sharp and professional but if you drag around in play clothes, people tend to treat you like you are playing and will interact with you on a more casual, less professional manner.

BE COURTEOUS AND RESPECTFUL -- Look people in the eye, speak clearly and use proper English. Treat your co-workers with kindness and respect. The hardest thing for human beings to do is to control our emotions. Be on guard and do not be rude or mean to a coworker because you are angry or upset with someone else.

CONVERSE AND LISTEN -- Sincere conversation is important in the workplace. Listen to what your co-workers say to you. In the workplace, focus your conversation on work and save the personal information and conversation for after hours. People tend to judge us on the words that come out of our mouths – guard them. Make sure that when a co-worker develops an opinion of you that it is based on solid, intelligent, professional conversations.

AVOID PROFANITY -- It is not attractive. And slang language is never acceptable in a professional environment.

SHOW GENEROSITY -- If you have a little free time, offer to help a co-worker. This shows you are a team player and signals that you are willing to pitch-in and help.

APOLOGIZE -- We all make mistakes or have moments when we say things inappropriately. Accept responsibility and be quick to apologize so a minor incident will not grow out of proportion.

DON’T GOSSIP -- Companies are rift with people relaying too much information. Don’t let yourself repeat gossip and cause it to spread. Keep things you hear to yourself and let them stop with you.

LASTLY, BE PROFESSIONAL IN ALL ASPECTS of your working life. Remember that people develop opinions about you from YOU. You are in control of how you act and how you interact with co-workers. MAKE YOURSELF PROUD OF YOU!

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