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What You Should Do If You Are Late to an Interview for a Temporary Position

Life can be unpredictable at times, and even the most organized and punctual person can end up running late. Unfortunately, running late for a job interview can ruin your chances of finding employment. Luckily for job seekers, there are simple ways to make the best of the situation. If you ever find yourself running late for a job interview, try taking the steps listed below.

Call Ahead

If you know you’re going to be running late, it is always wise to call ahead and inform the interviewer. Most people understand that being late is unavoidable at times, and more than likely, they will be willing to conduct the interview at a later time or reschedule for a different day. Assure the person you speak with your tardiness is a one-time occurrence, and you are normally punctual. By calling beforehand, you will show the employer you still want the job and you value their time.

Remain Focused and Confident

If you are still able to make it to your interview, remain focused. This can be hard, especially when you feel like the interviewer is judging you, but you must remain calm and confident if you want the job. After you have apologized for being late and composed yourself, answer the questions normally and avoid showing signs of frustration or anxiety. Confidence is a huge selling point for employers, and if you appear uncertain of yourself after coming in late, there is a strong possibility that you won’t get the job.

Avoid Being Late in the Future

Hopefully, after apologizing and giving a stellar interview, you will be hired. Just keep in mind you may need to show your new employer you are punctual first. Avoid being late the first few months of working so your employer will know tardiness is not a habit.

Call Our Company

If you are looking for a temporary position at a company that values your abilities and knowledge, contact Lehigh Technicals. We will work diligently to ensure you are placed with the right employer. Contact our company to speak with a staffing professional today.

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