Ensuring Health, Safety and Continuity Amidst COVID-19: How Lehigh Technical is Responding
Apr 03, 2020
At Lehigh Technical, the health and well-being of our candidates, associates, and employees remain a top priority. We know that the emergence and spread of the coronavirus, COVID-1...
A Tighter Hiring Market Means Companies Must Up Their Game
Nov 07, 2017
Today’s hiring market favors employers over candidates. But within the next few years, that’s expected to change. “There is and will be talent available in the market,
A Stronger, Safer Team: Staffing Firms Have the Tools to Minimize Risk in the Workplace
Sep 01, 2017
Quality staffing companies do more than just provide clients with  qualified workers who can fill an acute operational need, says Tom Quail,  Vice President of Risk Managemen...
Relationships are Critical to Companies That Rely on Staffing Firms
Aug 22, 2017
Employers that have struggled to build a strong relationship with companies in the staffing industry should analyze the net promoter scores (NPS) of the firms they have used. 
A Just In Time Workforce for Just In Time Retail
Jul 18, 2017
In today’s world of retail both online and off, the warehouse and distribution center is king. In the past, retail stores served as the central point where merchandise was kept u...
3 Pain Points of Staffing (And Their Solutions)
Jul 18, 2017
Lehigh Technical consistently ranks as one of the top staffing companies in the nation. Our client and talent satisfaction scores outpace industry standards by a factor of 10. Pa...
Employers must make a compelling case to land IT talent
Jul 18, 2017
Employers must make a compelling case to land IT talentSupply and demand stands out as the biggest challenge that companies face in securing talent that is capable of working on th...
Stop Hunting for Unicorns
Jun 23, 2017
Staffing firms help to focus your search for job candidates. 
Tools of Efficiency
Jun 21, 2017
Technology enables the staffing industry to fill client needs with pinpoint accuracy, says Heath Luikart, Vice President of Operations at Lehigh Technical Resource. As demand con...
Strategies for a more reliable contingent workforce
Apr 01, 2017
Reliability in the workforce is one of the greatest challenges companies face in today’s world. The cost of employee turnover is significant, so businesses are always looking for...
Contractors see vast opportunity working in the IT infrastructure space
Mar 01, 2017
As technology continues to evolve, there is a growing need for qualified individuals who can help businesses build and manage their IT infrastructure, says Grant A. Derner, Executi...
5 Strategies to Reducing IT Worker Turnover
Assembling an IT team can be a challenge. Finding the right talent you need to move a project forward can feel like a monumental task. Having to do it more than you need to can b...
Challenges in IT Infrastructure Hiring
Today, technology infrastructure is evolving at a great rate. Companies and organizations are examining and migrating more data and processes to the cloud, mobility continues as a ...