Staffing Services

Our Connection with HR

Let's face it, human resources often faces an impossible task. Finding a way to help companies sustain growth in good times, and manage staffing numbers when things get tight. Lehigh Technical can help you rethink HR & Procurement with a staffing strategy that makes sense. We work with HR directors to not just fill today's need, but look ahead into the future.

We have decades of experience working with HR and Procurement Departments to identify workforce strategies that, well, just work. From contingent labor to recruitment process outsourcing, as one of the nation's leading staffing agencies we have the knowledge and reach to help your department excel. Often we work with human resources in a companies large and small to plan for training, on-site management, insurance and much more. This close relationship can lead to a cost saving overall and creates room within a company to aggressively pursue marketing and sales goals. After all, knowing that there is a human resource strategy in place aimed at growth, but flexible enough to plan for a downturn in business, allows your company to focus on its strengths.

Lehigh Technical works for thousands of HR and procurement directors across the country. How can we work for you?